KLOUT releases its new and improved Karma pre-workout

KLOUT PWR Karma Pre-Workout Flavor Lineup

KLOUT PWR releases its new and improved Karma pre-workout. Karma is a low-stim, high-nootropic, focused pre-workout formulated to be a 3-in-1 product. Karma can be used as a pre-workout, an energy drink replacement or a gamer supplement. This is due to the increased nootropics and the absence of Beta-Alanine. Karma will also be released in three mouthwatering flavors, Juicy Burst, Arctic Cherry and Poison Apple. 

Karma has been updated to include the massively powerful nooLVL nootropic by Nutrition21. nooLVL is a patented, non-stimulant nutritional ingredient that boosts cognitive performance and energy in athletes while being clinically studied to demonstrate its safety and efficacy. Karma also includes other nootropic and focus ingredients like a full dose of Tyrosine and one of the newest focus ingredients on the market, Thinkamine. Thinkamine is a trademarked ingredient imported from Sweden that helps increase mental focus, all while utilizing a different method of delivering enhanced focus compared to nooLVL and L-Tyrosine. So you get different ingredients, each delivering laser focus in different ways.

Karma also features a trademarked PWR Pump blend of Nitrates, Himalayan Pink Salt, green tea exact, Astragin, and much more. Karma is created for customers who want to keep their caffeine at a lower amount while getting more nootropic & focus ingredients without any crash or tingling sensation. This was done through a formula that includes four trademarked ingredients, formulated by industry experts, a transparent label & zero banned ingredients. 

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