What you need to know about KLOUT PWR's reformulated Mamba Pre-Workout

KLOUT PWR Mamba Product Formula Breakdown

What should you know about the reformulation of MAMBA? 

First, we want to make it clear that Mamba is still the hard-hitting, high-stim pre-workout that it was always intended to be. We used this reformulation opportunity to take the focus and pump sections of the Mamba formula to an entirely different level. We also cleaned up the stimulants to mitigate some side effects that some people weren't a massive fan of.

But I'll come back to that in just a second.

Starting with the stimulants, Mamba maintains the same caffeine complex that it had before. There are 400 milligrams of total caffeine from two sources. One source is a regular release, caffeine anhydrous at 350 milligrams, and the other is 50 milligrams of DI caffeine Malate, which is your extended-release anti-crash kind of caffeine. In addition, this is still our only pre-workout with beta alanine at a clinical 3200 milligrams, and we also kept the Gamma Butyrobetaine from the previous Mamba formula.

The original Mamba produced some cold sweats and internal shaking that some people didn't necessarily like. This was due to an ingredient called Yohimbine that has now been replaced with 100 milligrams of theobromine. This all results in a cleaner overall feeling in your body while maintaining the same hard-hitting energy level that Mamba had before.

Moving on to focus, we have a staggering 500-milligram dose of AlphaSize®, a patented Alpha-GPC agent out of Italy. AlphaSize® promotes the release of acetylcholine, the body's main neurotransmitter chemical. This patented Alpha GPC is considered safer and more effective than generic AGPC, and alpha size is regarded as one of the best brain nutrients on the planet. We paired that alpha size with a ten mg dose of Thinkamine®, a new patent out of Sweden that promotes laser focus and unbeatable mental clarity.

We think that Mamba by KLOUT PWR is the best focus pre-workout you'll find on the market. 

And finally, the section of every formula that excites everybody. The Pump PWR Blend™ in Mamba combines 1000 milligrams of betaine nitrate (NO3-T®) with 500 milligrams of sodium nitrates (NO3-T®). These NO3-T® nitrates are patented ingredients clinically proven to increase nitric oxide levels many multiples over their generic counterparts. We also included pink Himalayan salt at a dose of 100 milligrams for more significant vasodilation.

Overall, Mamba still hits like a truck, but this time that truck is much more complete on the focus and pump sides and much cleaner on the stimulants. To provide you a blend of energy, focus, and pump that we think is unmatched on the market today. 

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