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Taking PWR OFF helps you, un-plug and de-stress after a long day or late workout. This product is a pharmacist formulated and scientifically designed sleep aid to improve the rate at which you fall asleep and the speed at which your body reaches R.E.M. Do you ever feel like your pre-workout is lasting a little too long from your evening workout? if you need something to take the edge off and help you fall asleep on time, have better workouts the next day and improve muscle growth and recovery.

This is where PWR OFF comes in. PWR OFF works mostly by providing the “inhibitory” neurotransmitters L-Glycine and GABA. Some of these amino acids and extracts have a “secretagogue” effect in that they can elicit the release of growth hormone from the pituitary. Additionally, PWR OFF works to promote increased anabolic processes such as muscle breakdown recovery and promote higher rates of protein synthesis. Additionally PWR OFF helps to improve daily cognitive function such as mental acuity and information retention.




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Plays a critical role in regulating our biological clock, or circadian rhythm and the timing of doses is important. It’s one of the most popular sleep aids and a common natural remedy to treat issues like insomnia. Research has shown that melatonin can support better sleep.


Can help with insomnia like effects, along with decreased wakefulness, while promoting a euphoric state of mind. 

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

A neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger, in the brain. It blocks specific signals in the central nervous system, slowing down the brain. This provides a protective and calming effect on the brain and body.

DiMagnesium Malate

Dimagnesium Malate may be linked to several health benefits, including improvements in mood, blood sugar control, exercise performance, and chronic pain. Magnesium is one of the most critical minerals in the human body and is involved in hundreds of enzyme reactions that ensure overall health.

Magnesium Taurate

Plays a large role in regulation of sleep and sleep patterns. Current research shows that additional magnesium can help the body relax and even improve symptoms of insomnia.


Is an amino acid is responsible for modulating aspects of brain function. It increases alpha brain wave activity and promoting relaxation.

Celery Seed Extract

The primary function is to reduce inflammation. Celery and celery seeds have approximately 25 anti-inflammatory compounds that can offer protection against inflammation in the body.


Is an extract of two adaptogenic herbs will longstanding history in traditional Chinese medicine. The constituents in these plants are suggested to selectively enhance the absorption of biomolecules by increasing intestinal permeability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Ian Thanasiu
Great taste and great sleep

Blueberry pomegranate is an amazing flavor and I had AMAZING sleep after taking a scoop of this! Felt REFRESHED and RECHARGED the next morning!

Rest and Recovery Go to!

This stuff knocks me out every time! And it kicks in fast so I'm able to salvage a night of sleep when normally I would be staring at my ceiling for hours.


First of all what a good flavor blueberry pomegranate is I had extremely good sleep sleep after taking a scoop of PWR OFF! I felt energized and refreshed the very next morning!!

The Best Insomnia Remedy

I've been taking PWR OFF consistently for about 2 months, and it's played a very important role in fixing my insomnia and cementing my sleep schedule in place. Around 15-30 minutes before going to bed, I drink this from my shaker and it knocks me out in no time. I also have felt great sleep quality almost every time I use it.

An important detail to know: I have noticed that this product does its job more efficiently if you pair it with an effective wind-down routine before going to bed. During times that I was scrolling on my phone, having lights on, etc. while/after drinking PWR OFF, I noticed it wasn't as effective compared to when I adhered more closely my pre-bedtime routine, although I did get drowsy while scrolling my phone a couple times. Since noticing this, I use my PWR OFF dose as self-accountability to go to bed and do nothing else, and it's one of the most important parts of my bedtime routine now.

Kieran Hark
Life saver.

I often have a hard time winding down at bed dude to my very active lifestyle, and this stuff has been a god send for not only helping with that but also for the recovery it offers (magnesium). I would highly recommend this

Christina Taschuk

It works so well. Doesn't give me a headache in the morning and I don't feel cloudy all day!! Only thing is it's a little too sweet for a before bed drink!!

Joseph Ryciak

Taste is amazing wake up feeling refreshed ready for the day and I knock out in 20 min

Kevin Orozco
The flavor is amazing

I enjoy all KLOUT products but this one is special because I always had trouble falling asleep late at night but now I finally sleep! I couldn’t be anymore happy about this product. The flavor is also not too sweet or sour so it’s very easy to consume

Alexander Ouellette
Instant effects

I received this product for free when my MAMBA order had been delayed due to natural causes. At first, I didn’t have any plans of using it because I take other supplements for recovery and such. I decided 1 night that I would try it and immediately started feeling the effects. This stuff works fast and taste amazing. When I wake up the next morning, I feel refreshed and ready to kill my workout for the day. I feel like this is a super underrated product and more people should try it out.


Definitely best supplement to recover after a long day and improve your sleep